Electrical Actuator Operated Rubber Lined Butterfly Valves

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MMEngineer ia one of the authorized dealer of Electrical Actuator Operated Rubber Lined Butterfly Valves in Chennai. Its popular among clients because of its minimum maintenance. The body lines which also functions as the soft seat, comes in an integrally moulded version & offers bi-directional sealing against vacuum upto the pressure of PN 10/PN 16.

  • Body: CI (IS 210Gr.FG200/220/WCB
  • Disc: CF8/CF8M/S.G.Iron/Teflon Coated/Power Coated/Naylon Coated
  • Seat: EPDM / Nitrile /Naylon / Haypton /Viton
  • Shaft: AISI 410
  • Valve Type: Centric Disc Butterfly valve with a single piece Rubber lined body
  • Body Type: Short Wafer (sandwiched between flanges)
  • Seat Type: Integrally Moulded with the body
  • End connection: Wafer Sandwiched(Lug Type on request)
  • Pressure rating: PN 10 /PN 16(on request)
  • Oper. Temp. range: -25? to 130?(Depending on MOC)
  • Seat Leakage: Tight Shut off
  • Operation: Hand Lever for sizes from 40 NB to 300 NB Worm Gear boxes for 200 NB to 500 NB

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